Can you spot the hidden Animal in this illusion, yeah there is an Elephant some where in the image try to find out it.

Hidden Elephant Illusion


These artists can not revise the foundations of perspective and geometry, but they certainly fool the eye of a viewer.

Impossible Geometry - Impossible Object


Damaged or Bombed - 3D Chalk Drawing

The building wall was not actually damaged or bombed, it’s an artwork illusion.


Cat Optical Illusion

A cat and two men sitting on a table.


Letter or Number - Optical Illusion

Is the middle character a letter or a number?


Scariest Optical Illusion - Devil Optical Illusion

This is quite possibly the scariest optical illusion ever ! Do you see some women looking at themselves in a mirror... or is it the devil staring right out at you! Definitely a scary optical illusion right out of a haunted house or a horror movie! Boo!


Is that a polar bear or a seal on the picture below?

Polar Bear or A Seal - Optical Illusion


Fruit Table Painting  - 3D Chalk Drawings

Its a really artistic,very real looking Fruit Table Painting By Julian Beever.


Impossible Square - Impossible Object

The edges of this impossible cube are apparently viewed as solid beams.So it is this apparent solidity only which gives this impossible cube a highly visual ambiguity. The Human eyes are interpreting this 2-D picture as a 3-D object.


Funny Towel Illusion - Funny Optical Illusion

When i seen this picture first its really confused me with those two legs and hands coming in the back it looks so real.


Lady and Two Bald Men - Optical Illusion

Lady and two bald men...story of my life.


An absolutely amazing piece of advertising in my eyes, maybe even a little road dangerous. Apart from the rear lights which don’t exactly stand out too much there’s actually very little giving away that you’re looking at the rear of the bus and not the front. Anyone know what the German text says.

Careless Bus Driver - Bus Optical Illusion


Arches Optical Illusion

Can you percieve how these arches have been arranged?


This one is pretty easy but see if you can see the lion and a bird hidden amongst the Zebras and let me know how many Birds, Lions and Zebras did you found. Don't forget to comment me

The Hidden Bird And Lion Illusion


Giant Dragon seen in Google Earth

This image looks scary, doesnt? you can see the Dragons Head embedded in the ground near Montana in Canada.

I think is just a coincidence of nature….

This image is taken from Google Earth , a good site to explore for news visions.


Anomalous Blobs Illusion | Moving Blobs Optical Illusion

This is an example of an Anomorphic motion optical illusion. In other words, a static image that is perceived to have some form of motion.


Impossible Dices Triangle Optical Illusion

To draw an optical illusion is easy but to construct an optical illusion is pretty hard, not impossible. Shigeo Fukuda did some pretty good optical illusion with real objects. I have no idea how in the world this guy did that dice illusion, possible using back the same principle like Shigeo Fukuda did, mirror.

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